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Ever sit with a parent or grandparent while they pull out a shoebox of photos and tell you stories of your ancestors? Now you may find the stories interesting and exciting or you may find yourself thinking "not that story again" but without a doubt, the day the stories end...you wish you could hear it again. Then it is your turn to turn back the pages of time and share your stories with future generations. You get to choose how that story goes. Will you pull out shoe boxes and photo albums to share, or are you going to trust the delicateness of a computer to house your most precious memories? What if you were not there and the photos had to tell the story for you, how do you want to tell your story?

Life is not a dress rehearsal and YOLO (you only live once)! That is why, as visual storytellers, we get to know our clients because each of us is unique and individual. There is only one you. Why should you be generalized and photographed like everyone else? We work to not only take awesome photographs of you and your family but also build a gallery of photos that tell your story of that moment in time, in your life. We do that by blending traditional poses with more relaxed photo-journalistic ones and just a splash of magazine fashion styling resulting in an emotionally packed final product you are sure to love.

Don't continue to allow photographers to simply take your picture - Discover the difference as we capture a chapter in the story of your life!

Principal Photographer, artist, and founder

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